About Me

I'm Trisha, a bibliophile obsessed with reading, reviewing, logging, discussing, organizing, smelling, and touching books. No tasting though. That's just strange. My job feeds my passion as I teach literature, composition, and film to (mostly) eager undergraduate students. I have a BA in Media Studies: Film and Television Production and Analysis; an MA in Writing; and currently, I am pursuing an MA in Literature. I am also taking classes to earn a Master Online Teacher Certificate.

In my home life I am a wife, a mother of two, and a sporadic cook. I'm also an avid television watcher, a constant re-organizer, a knick-knack aficionado, and a letter writer.

About eclectic/eccentric

eclectic / eccentric is a website featuring reviews of a wide variety of books written by a college professor who sees value in both Hamlet and Harry Potter. Classic lit, graphic novels, SFF, YAL, plays, and films, all that can be read is featured.  As the title of my blog indicates, I am varied in my interests, so books of all styles, genres, shapes, and sizes find their way into my library and onto my blog.

These days eclectic / eccentric is not just a book blog. As my life changed with the arrival of my children and enrollment in two separate graduate programs, so too did the blog. Now I still review books, but I also explore them more academically. Also, my interests in my adorable children and my newfound pleasure in cooking are also essential topics for the blog.

If you want to reach me, email me at eclectic.eccentric2@gmail.com. I'd love to connect!