21 March 2008


The woman sighs as she breathes in the Florida Keys air. With a smile, she turns to her father and watches the easy way he handles the boat. The gentle motion over the waters always puts her in mind of warm, hazy days and naps in the shade, as does the comforting presence of her sister standing next to her. So, dad, I was just thinking that it would be nice if we went...Splat. No more.

I realize that it is entirely not funny when someone dies. For the most part. But I can not help but laugh at the story of a woman passing away to the great hereafter because a sting ray flies out of the water - at random - and whacks her in the head. This has to be the most unlucky woman ever. Or at least one of them. A 75 pound sting ray with a six foot wingspan - holy mary, eh? - leaped from the water and just got her. What are the freaking odds?

Okay, and again, I know I shouldn't be laughing. And lord knows (I mean lord in the entirely figure of speech sense here) if this was my family member, I more than likely would not be laughing. But..*snort* sorry.

And then in my search of various sites regarding this tragedy, I find this on YouTube:

the M.E. declared cause of death to be BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA TO THE HEAD, in other words the big ass eagle ray flew out of the water and in a freak accident hit that REALLY unlucky bitch in the head, sorry i know it would be WAY more sensational if that lady got "steve irwined" but alas the media has to settle for that Bitch Got Knocked the Fuck DEAD by an Eagle Ray (posted by landcruiserlarry)

*almost hysterical laughter* I just can't seem to help it.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is the culprit:

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  1. That is bizarre! Certainly not how I want to leave this life!


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