25 June 2009

Book Review: Virtual Devotion

Title: Virtual Devotion
Author: Eric Coble
Published: 2007 Pages: 85
Genre: Drama
Rating: 2/5

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Plot Synopsis: The play follows three "religious" family members through one day of their life.

Humor, there was plenty, but I felt the play was lacking any real substance. The plot revolves around the commodification and mass production of religion, pointing out the greed that infuses such faith. Well, yes, good point, I can very much see that. But now what? Ruth, Pete, and Anne are each extremely interesting characters facing very unique situations. But after reading the play, I don't feel I understand them at all and I certainly don't identify with any of them. So, now what?

From time to time I'll read something short and think, wow, what a great glimpse at *insert a unique truth here*. But reading this play left me underwhelmed. I not only wanted more, I need more to truly have any connection to the story or the characters.

Perhaps the entertainment value is enough; afterall I did say the play was funny. While that is certainly a possibility, it's probably only true if one watches the play instead of reading it. Would I go to a showing of Virtual Devotion if it came around? Yes. Will I ever re-read this play? No.

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