14 September 2009

Book Review: I Love You, Beth Cooper

Title: I Love You, Beth Cooper
Author: Larry Doyle
Published: 2007 Pages: 253
Genre: Teen Fiction
Rating: 4/5

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Plot Synopsis

Denis Cooverman and Beth Cooper are your typical teens, just on opposite ends of the spectrum. Denis loves her; she doesn't know he exists. Until one fateful day, Denis tells her...at graduation...in front of everyone. What follows is a hilarious adventure.

My Thoughts

One of my students suggested I read this book. Thrilled that I had a student who actually read books for pleasure, I ran off to Barnes and Noble immediately to have a look. Intrigued, I bought it, read it, and loved it. Reading I Love You Beth Cooper feels like a ride on the sizzler. You get on, pull down the bar, and go. Everything is moving fast; you are slammed into the outside edge of your cart, feeling you'll be thrown out at any moment. Laughing hysterically, you catch glimpses of others on the ride and those watching on the sidelines. Lights flash, music blares, someone pukes in the corner... Hey, reading this book is a bit like being one of the characters in it...

Many books have been written about high school seniors and their crazy antics on graduation night. Many a geeky virgin has fallen in love with the head cheerleader and waited until the end of the school year to tell her. But the way Doyle tells the story offers a new perspective on the coming-of-age tale. Simple, fast-paced, modern, and hilarious are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind. While the events of the night are a bit far-fetched, they never felt impossible. I literally laughed out loud - which my husband finds highly disturbing I might add.

The characters are easily recognizable as teen stereotypes, but each one has a quirk that makes him or her seem more real. For example, at graduation Denis doesn't just reveal his love for Beth, he also has a bit to say about other students at the school, sort of a 'get-it-off-your-chest' moment. Rich, Denis's sidekick in the book, quotes movie lines non-stop. And Beth doesn't play hard to get; in fact, she's the one taking Denis on his wild ride.

One thing I found particularly intriguing about Beth: Doyle doesn't set her up as a perky-idiot-slut who Denis can set straight. Instead, Denis is the geeky-idiot-virgin Beth has to teach. Beth knows exactly who and what she is, and she knows that while her high time is ending, Denis's is just beginning.

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  1. I had never heard of this until I saw the movie coming out. Then I saw the movie and book everywhere together. Sounds good!

  2. I had no idea the movie was based on a book. I have a penchant for books about high schoolers so I need to read this one.

  3. Jenny and Lola - I really recommend reading the book. I haven't seen the movie, so I'm not sure how it compares, but I'm always a book before film kind of girl.

  4. Oh, it sounds so good! I've been looking at this book everytime I go to the book store for, I don't know, the last three months? And I hesitated buying it, but I won't anymore! Thanks! :)


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