16 January 2010

Book Review: The Fabulous and Mystic Egypt

I have never written mini-reviews before.  Books either receive full reviews or none at all, but I'd like to at least partially review every book I read this year, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon and starting to write mini-reviews for those books I either don't have much to say about or don't have time to write about.  Here is the first batch:

The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

I received this book from Rebecca at Lost in Books when she held her Big Birthday Giveaway, and I am so happy I got this book. A children's story, The Egypt Game is a tale of imagination.  When April is sent to live with her grandmother, she meets Melanie, a girl who, like April, enjoys playing make believe.  Together with Melanie's brother, the new girl in the building, and two boys from school, the girls create Egypt complete with temple, statues, rituals, and costumes. This was a wonderfully imaginative, quick read that made me remember the joy and the fine line between reality and imagination that comes with being a kid.

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Fabulous Beast by Jayne Ann Krentz and Mystic by Lisa Jackson

Romance novels are almost impossible for me to review.  I'm never quite sure what to say about them.  These two stories were extremely fast reads that I enjoyed while reading, but quickly forgot the details of when they were finished.  In Fabulous Beast, our main lady rescues a shy, sensitive man but he turns out to be a bit more than she expected.  In Mystic, our lovers are reunited years after their one passionate night, and their (re)burgeoning romance takes place during our dashing hero's investigation of crime and corruption within the family.  In both stories, the two meet, bicker, have great sex, bicker some more, think they'll never be together, have more great sex, and well, you know the ending.

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  1. I love great romances and I think you know it's one if you can still remember everything a few weeks later. So many of them are forgettable.

  2. The Egypt Game was my absolute favorite book as a child and it influenced me somuch in the way I read and write.


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