05 October 2015

Blogging In Absentia

So I've been gone from the blog for quite some time. My Medieval Monday posts which were pre-planned were rolling out for awhile, but as I was blogging in absentia, that doesn't really count. What, you may ask, have I been doing while gone. First, drumroll please, I've been:


That's right folks, I said reading. Can you freaking believe it? I managed to sneak in some actual time for pleasure reading. Crazy business, as my daughter would say. I managed to read the following books in September FOR NO REASON EXCEPT I WANTED TO:

  • The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge
  • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
  • The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
  • Splintered by A.G. Howard
That's a record my friends. I haven't read four non-essential books in one month since March - and that doesn't really count since the four books were all House of Night installments; those books only require about two hours to read.

I haven't written reviews for any of these books, and who knows when I'll get around to that. After all, I'm in the middle of Jo Walton's Just City and IT FREAKING ROCKS.

And the other books? Well, let me tell you. The Lie Tree was AMAZING. The Girl on the Train was AMAZING. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up was pretty damn good. Splintered was not my thing. Hopefully I will get around to writing actual reviews sometime in the foreseeable future.

In other news, I am kicking educational ass in my Masters in Literature program aka The Thing I Do Instead of Blogging. I'm on a ten week break, and hence the reading for pleasure and the blogging. I am also kicking educational ass in my job as I (along with a bunch of other people) am in the midst of prepping for our Higher Learning Commission peer review for accreditation.

My final ass kickery occurs in the field of Momming these two cuties:

And because you want more pictures of them I'm sure:

Thank you to those who are still around. I promise to read your comments, and if you were wondering what to say I would love any recommendations on ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC BOOKS I SHOULD READ RIGHT NOW WHILE I STILL HAVE TIME.


  1. THOSE CHILDREN ARE ADORABLE and I am bitterly jealous that you have read The Lie Tree already and I haven't yet. What is wrong with me!

  2. Crazy business indeed!
    Maybe Sorcerer to the Crown? I am reading this to distract from the fierce need to devour Salem's Lot but I am prolly going to finish Sorcerer and then consume the King before Friday. Sigh.
    Have fun kicking ass all over the place.

  3. I'm glad you liked Kondo book. I love seeing your posts pop up, even if they're infrequent. <3

  4. Yay, reading! I'm glad you're finding some time, and time to blog once in awhile too. I can't seem to find (really, make) time for either and I am not nearly as busy as you are :)

  5. Yes reading!!!! As for AWESOME books, I read and loved loved loved The Water Knife (though it can be dark, just a warning! I recommended it without this warning once and got yelled at).

  6. Ah, a couple/few months skip is OK. Just post an update every now and then, all's good. :)


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