03 September 2008

Finding My Religion

The search for god or the absence thereof has plagued me for, well, a really long time. I was raised by two agnostics, two Catholics, and one Lutheran; I was educated Catholic and married Christian Reform. I forayed into Buddhism, Moralism, Wiccan, and the ever-vague Spiritualist theologies. I've kept part of my brain insistently atheist and another part looking for the lightning strike. Through it all, nothing has seemed certain. Until now. I am ready to declare my religion:

Pastafarian. I belong to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I worship at the noodly appendages of he who is yummy goodness and divine tastiness. The evidence for his ethereal existence surrounds us.

The FSM can be seen in the sky...

FSM can be seen represented in classical works of art...

There is even proof of the FSM's existence from ages past...

The FSM will even appear to the average joe in his or her meals...

That's right. Unlike many other deities, the FSM has no problem revealing himself to his followers. No turning to stone from seeing this god's face.

All hail his holy noodliness and his many appendages!


  1. Always great to see another soul find the wisdom of His Noodley Goodness. Here's a little info to help you on the path to the FSM:


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