02 July 2009

Book Review: Raven's Gate

Title: Raven's Gate
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Published: 2005 Pages: 254
Genre: YAL, SciFi
Rating: 4/5

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Plot Synopsis

Matt made a mistake trusting his new friend Kelvin, and now he has to pay for it by working at the farm of some old crazy woman. It's that or jail. His new foster parent is more than she at first appears, as are the townspeople in Lesser Malling, and now Matt has found himself in the middle of a battle between good and evil. He should have chosen jail.

My Thoughts

This book is exactly what it is meant to be; hence the high rating. Raven's Gate is interesting, easy to read, full of action, and mysterious enough to get me primed for the next book in the series. I read the book in three short hours, and it kept my interest the whole time.

Horowitz said he likes to think of Raven's Gate as Stephen King for kids, and I would have to agree. The plot calls for blood and violence and Horowitz delivers in a style toned down just enough for young adult readers.

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