30 August 2009

Book Review: Club Dead

Title: Club Dead
Author: Charlaine Harris
Published: 2003 Pages: 292
Genre: Vampire, Mystery
Rating: 3/5

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Plot Synopsis

Sookie must travel to Mississippi to find Bill, missing after telling Sookie he was working on a project for the queen of Louisiana. To find out where he is, Sookie enters the world of the undead and shapeshifters.

My Thoughts

The plot of this book felt a bit underwhelming. I wanted more information on the new characters, especially Alcide, and less focus on whether or not Sookie is going to have sex with *insert any male character here*. However the plot did lend itself to a very unclear vision of the future. Quite a few paths diverge from this sunny little clearing Sookie is in at the end of this book...well partially sunny with scattered clouds and a chance of rain anyway.

I am fully committed to the series now; I do very much want to find out what is going to happen. For a light, easy read, this series is quite appealing. I can pick one up and speed through it in an evening no problem.

On a side note: Sookie seems a bit of a slut. Or at least a tease. I'm still undecided on whether this is a female power/woman discovering her sexuality theme or a horn-dog-idiot-situation.

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  1. the use of the word "slut" just might get a few more male readers! hahahaha.. I hope the series gets better for you..as they keep saying there are too many other good books to read than to fight your way thru a series that you aren't enjoying.

  2. Everyone seems to be reading these Harris books! Did you join the R.I.P. IV challenge for Sept 1st? It was so much fun last year. These types of books would be appropriate too.

  3. DesLily - Ha! I had not even thought about that. I pondered what word to use there and slut just seemed to be the right one. I hope it gets better too. The thing is I don't hate it. I can sit and read it for a long time and I'm enjoying it, but for some reason I'm never completely into it.

    Diane - I did join the challenge! I think I've already read three books for it; it seems we were giving permission to start early and I just jumped on that chance.

  4. For the longest time, I've had Dead Until Dark sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me to start the series. After reading your review, I'm debating whether or not I should get this series started at all. (I probably will though. I'm weak.)

    As Deslily has said, I certainly hope it gets better for you, but remember, if it doesn't no harm no foul in cutting your losses. ;)

  5. Ann-Kat - I have no idea whether or not to recommend the series. It depends on how much you want an easy read, I guess. If you are looking to go through a book in a couple hours, then go for it.


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