14 September 2009

Much Loved Mischief

With so many wonderous and witty book blogs roaming the net - and not enough time to give each of them an award - BBAW offers us the chance to highlight some of our favorite blogs which did not make the shortlists. Here is one of my faves:

Padfoot and Prongs at GoodBooks, Inc. always offer insightful reviews with a snarky tone, something I very much appreciate. Along with reviews, they also post interesting tidbits from the booking world, they are compiling a list of book quotes, and they are building a store of literary t-shirts and mugs. I highly recommend you stop by and check out their site!

And of course, they are just TOO CUTE....


  1. I love these girls!!!! I so wish I had gone to college with them or been friends with them "back in the day." I admire their reading breadth and depth at such a young age -- and their Scavenger Hunt was one my favorite things I've ever done while book blogging! Excellent choice!

  2. Jenners - I completely agree! They would have been a riot to go to college with....er with which to go to college...man that sounds funny...Going to college with them would have been a riot. :)

    What a shock!!! Thank you so so so much that is seriously the sweetest thing ever!!! You rock sooo much thanks again for the high light. We blog not only because we love it, but because it makes us so happy to know there are others out there who enjoy what we have to say. Ahh thanks again I can't gush enough!!

  4. Padfoot and Prongs - You are quite welcome. I really enjoy reading your posts...now, post more often!


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