30 October 2009

Better Men Than I 2

My own opinion is that the intellect of modern man isn't that superior. IQs aren't that much different. Those Indians and medieval men were just as intelligent as we are, but the context in which they thought was completely different. Within that context of thought, ghosts and spirits are quite as real as atoms, particles, photons, and quants are to a modern man. In that sense, I believe in ghosts. Modern man has his ghosts and spirits too, you know.

~ Robert M. Pirsig
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Do you have any true ghost stories?


  1. Love that quote!!! So true.

    And I don't have any real ghost stories BUT my grandmother sent me a message the night she died in a dream. It was a totally cool experience!

  2. I love this quote! What a great way to think about it. I don't have any ghost stories.

  3. Wonderful quote! A lot of food for thought there.

  4. Jenners - That definitely counts as a ghost story in my opinion!

    Rebecca - This is one of the few sections of the book I loved.

    Stephanie - I have another quote coming up that says something similar. Both really stood out to me as obvious yet never stated facts.


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