01 March 2010

Challenge Roundup and BLOB

Challenge Round Up
Sorry for the double post today, but Chris over at book-a-rama inspired me to do a challenge roundup, something I've been putting off for one month now, so here we go:

Graphic Novels Challenge : 2 read out of a range of 3-10, so I either have 1 or 8 left depending on how you look at it.  I have a slight problem with this challenge as I went on a book buying ban and just am not a library person.  But my birthday is coming up!

TBR Challenge :  1/12  This challenge is going to be a tough one as I put on the list books that I should read rather than books I necessarily want to read.  It seemed like a good idea at the time to go along with the Books to Read Before I Die challenge.

Books to Read Before I Die : 0/10   Eh, what can I say?

Reading Resolutions : Not too shabby on these goals.  I'm reading books off my own shelves, I'm well on my way to 100 this year having already read 23, and 57% of the books I've read are "worthy".  I'm not doing so well on the non-fiction books and essays, but there's a lot of the year left.

Flashback Challenge : 1 read out of a range of 4-6.  With so many books on my TBR pile, it has been difficult to pick up a book I've already read.

Read the Book, See the Movie :  4/4  Technically I've completed this challenge, but I will probably up my requirement.  I just adore looking at adaptations even though 90% of the time I'm all "the book is better".

Women UnBound : 4/5 fiction; 3/3 non-fiction  Like the above challenge, I will probably up my requirement instead of 'completing' the challenge.  While all of the books I've read have counted in my opinion, I would like to explore some texts that more directly address women's issues.

Take Another Chance : 6/15 books; 7/17 points As always, this is such a fun challenge.  My last activity was to write a review as if I was one of the characters in the book.  Look for that post in a day or two.

GLBT Challenge : 4/4  Okay, yet another challenge that I plan on continuing.  In this case, two of the four books I read had positive portrayals of homosexuality but did not directly deal with the issue, so in my mind, they only partially count. In other words, I have to at least read two more.

Young Adult Reading : 11/25  I knew this challenge wouldn't be a problem for me, but I didn't think I'd be half-way (almost) done in the first two months.  Thank you vacation!

18 and 19 c. Women Writers : 0/2 I've spent so much time coming up with a list of possibilities, but I haven't even cracked a book yet.

World Religions : 4 So far I've read books concerning existentialism ( yeah, yeah it's a philosophy, not a religion, Judaism, Mormonism, and Taoism.

42 Challenge : 10/42  Technically I have yet to review a few of these, but that's where I'm at with reading/watching.  I suppose I could be done by now considering I can count each television episode separately, but when I watched three seasons of Torchwood in a month, I didn't think it would be a good idea to have a separate review for each episode....

101 Fantasy Reading :  2/12  My book buying ban has put a damper on the 6 new reads, and my non-desire to re-read novels with so many new ones waiting on my shelves has limited my success with the 6 re-reads.

Sci-Fi Reading : 9/8 I'm already one over on this challenge, but I won't be extending it in any way.  I have other science fiction challenges to sort of come in and pick up the slack.  I think I'm just waiting on one review.

100+ Reading :  23/100  A great start in the first two months!

Sookie Stackhouse :  7/9  I haven't touched Sookie in months, and while I'm enjoying the series, I feel no strong need to find the last two books (are there more now?).  I will definitely read them, but I'm in no rush.

Rory Gilmore Project : What I really need to do for this challenge and start reviewing books I've already read (about 35 of them).

Unlock Worlds : I haven't been doing much with this challenge lately.  The lack of consistent participants is making me think I should just give it up.  What do you guys think?

Biggest Loser of Books Revised
You've all seen it roaming around the blogosphere, and I've stolen it and changed it.  I sincerely hope the owners don't mind, but I had to adjust the numbers to make sense for me specifically.

1.     Start with zero points.
2.       Buy a book: 10 pts
3.       Get a book from BookMooch: 5 pts
4.       Review copies that were pitched to me: 3 pts
5.       Review copies I requested: 5 pts
6.       Unsolicited books including gifts: 1 pt
7.       Library books: 3 pts
8.       Exchange a book for points or books:   -3 pts
9.       Donate a book to a person or place:   -5 pts
10.   Reading a book on my shelf:   -2 pt

And of course, I'm already swimming in points thanks to vacation where I bought FIVE BOOKS. Five, that's 50 points.  So I managed to get all the way up to 65 points before I started slowly decreasing.  Right now I'm at 46 points.  Still ridiculously high, but for me, pretty good.

I've been trying to convince myself to start going to the library.  I haven't checked a book out of a library (to read) since I was in grade school.  Two bad experiences at the library when I was young really put me off.  Combine that with my love of owning books, organizing them on shelves, and re-reading and no library going for me.  I'm not sure this sudden inspiration will work; there's just so much working against the library:  my early experiences, not owning the books, not being able to dog ear, being forced to read in a specific time, etc.  But I'm going to go ahead and actually go in to the library today and see what I see.


  1. I actually really love my library but I've been trying to use it less because I own so many unread books.

  2. Wow that's a lot of challenges but you're doing great!

    You should give the library another try. I love mine and it doesn't cost anything. Maybe it will be different this time.

  3. I am all about the library, especially with audio books. And I have enough printed books sitting around that I wouldn't need to buy another book for three years. Not that that stops me, but there you go. Nice work on the challenges so far! I'm making pretty good headway with some, and haven't touched others. I keep thinking that with maybe Vietnam and Graphic Novels, I will just dedicate a month to knocking those out!

  4. I don't get along with my library AT ALL, but I did stop by over the weekend and I walked out with 3 books. 2 of which I promptly read. I might have to stop by more often. :-D

  5. Everyone - My library is pretty small and when I was a kid, there were small minded women "in control" of the books. I was denied access to Shakespeare and the Babysitter's Club on two different occasions because the librarian felt they were "too adult" for me. My grandmother gave her a what for, but it ruined my love of the library...Just to explain my absence. But it is a bit pitiful that I still hold a grudge. :)

  6. Holy Cannoli ... that is a lot of challenges! I can't wait to see your post for writing as one of the characters in a book ... I'm giddy with anticipation!

  7. GREAT job on your challenges. I guess the good thing about the lack of progress on the "books to read before I die" list is that you can't die any time soon. :)

    I have been a library user only for many many years. I bought about two books last year (in January), until Christmas when I bought OTHER PEOPLE books. I was so put out with that that I've decided to buy myself some books this year.

    It was not by choice last year so much as a forced move due to my budged. I'd be lost with out my library!

    That said, I reorganized my bookshelves so I can see what books I haven't read that i own. It's scary....

  8. I love my library but like someone else said, I own a wee bit too many to being going to the library. However, I did breakdown and check 3 out.
    I re-borrow them online and wait until the day they are due to do it. I can do that 3 times after I originally checked them out, and each time is 21 days. The only time this doesn't work is when someone places a hold. Cheeky library patrons:)

  9. The more you use the library the more funding it receives and the more books and sevices it can provide to you and people who really need to use it. Just in case you need another reason or two to visit :)

  10. I have taken the plunge and applied for a library card! Now I just have to go pick it up and check out a book.


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