20 July 2010

Answering the Important Questions

Stephanie at Laughing Stars put up this awesome post about playing with Google. To play, you type in the beginning of a question and check out the automatic questions that pop up. I decided to focus mine around teaching first:

I typed:  Why are professors

And I got:

liberal?  (we have brains)
so liberal? (see above)
so mean? (students are annoying)
I typed: How do professors

And I got:

check for plagiarism? (we find words and ideas we know you don't know)
get paid? (by check or direct deposit)
grade? (very carefully)
curve? (we don't or at least we shouldn't)
get tenure? (kissing a lot of administrative butt and doing a bunch of extra work)
make money? (we don't...seriously)
I was having so much fun I thought I would try another group I belong to...wives.

I typed: Why are wives

And I got:

so annoying?

Really, those are the only two that popped up; technically that's just one question, and all this annoying wife has to say is Bite Me.
I typed: Why do wives

And I got:

cheat/cheat on their husbands? (can't answer this one as I'm not a cheater)
lie? (I'm not a liar either)
nag? (I don't nag)
get fat? (er....because food is freaking delicious)
complain? (there's a lot to complain about when you have to live with a man - aka The Big Baby - 24/7)
On a side note, I was looking for a picture of a man in a baby suit to add to that last bit, and this is what I found....scary, very scary.
On a side, side note: I love men; I love my husband. And I even like him most of the time. :)


  1. That is a very scary picture!

    The questions are funny. I should try that sometime, when I am not procrastinating but I'm really done with studying :P

  2. I am traumatized by that picture. For real.

    I love doing that with google. I question it all the time.

  3. This was a really fun post. Now I'm tempted to give it a try myself.

  4. What a great tool for sociological research...to see what's most on folks' minds.

    Anyway, "Bite me" truly is a universally sound response to the majority of the human experience. I don't know if that was Camus or Sartre or Nietzche, but I've definately heard it before.

    Cute post :)

  5. Fun exercise, I love doing those brain things..but the picture, oh em gee,,,too much and seriously traumatizing...

  6. I've never played - it seems like an addictive thing to do. And I love the baby suit!!!

  7. I'm going to shoot this word verification thing on here, I swear. Anyway, as I type my repsonse again, that baby suit will most definitely give me nightmares. But I love the questions, and even more your answers. Bite Me indeed! (Word verification is possessed...it is "suckm")

  8. That picture is definitely one of the creepiest things I have ever seen!

  9. LOL! Really, laughing out loud in the middle of a class. Luckily, not my class. A class I'm covering for a colleague.

  10. I am also going to try the word verification thingie!

  11. Evidently Californians are uneducated health nuts who like to drive hybrids. At least I now know what my next car should be. :-D

  12. Trisha, I was literally laughing out loud when I read this! I agree...bite me...from another annoying wife. Yes, food IS freaking delicious. And the complaining...yes, husbands are like having another kid to take care of. It's bad enough before you have kids and then after, it gets much, much worse! That baby suit is priceless. I think I'll get one for my husband! Thanks for sharing. =O)

  13. The wives thing made me sad :S And that is ONE SCARY PICTURE.

  14. That "baby suit" picture is seriously disturbing! Hilarious post ... thanks. I needed a laugh this morning.

    The bit about professors reminded me of my recent experience on the Rate My Professor site. I was encouraging Sarah to audit/sit in on a film course, and I was scoping out the evaluations of a few professors she might have to choose from. I feel it's really important that it be the *right* person, y'know?

    I did find the site helpful, but I had to sift through a lot of silly stuff. People whining about the way a teacher graded or that she assigns too many books (errr ... didn't you just say you were an English major? Why, if you don't want to read a bunch of books?) One student even complained that the professor never brought food to class. Seriously? And these students are old enough to vote or serve in the military? *LOL* Kinda made me grateful I'm not in academia.

  15. Oh my goodness that is hilarious. And disturbing. But still hilarious.

  16. LOL, I love your answer to the why do wives get fat, haha!

    What a creepy picture!!

  17. Iris - Aw, come on! Procrastinate!

    Nicole - I had never paid attention before when I googled, but I definitely will now. And that picture is definitely traumatizing.

    Amanda - I know right?!?! I couldn't get it out of my head, so I had to post it.

    Simcha - I hope you do, and leave a link!

    Mohamed - Thanks for stopping by! And I agree, Bite Me is just perfect for so many situations.

    Alexandra - I'd love to see you do a post like this; I bet it'd be hilarious!

    Jill - You should give it a try; it was geekily fun!

    Sandy - Maybe the word verification was giving you a synonym for Bite Me...suckm. :)

    Stephanie - I know! Isn't it just terrible?

    Andi - I find that randomly bursting into laughter in front of students reminds them that you may be totally whacked. That's a good thing.

    Mystica - It was a lot of fun!

    Jill - LOL! Wait, isn't that true?

    Michelle - Hmm...maybe the hubby and I should put off kids a little longer then. :)

    Ana - I went through anger, sadness, and finally amusement with that one.

    Stephanie - Oh man, Rate My Professors is a trip isn't it? I love the hot tamale part; cuz it's really important to have a hot teacher after all.

    Christina - I find that the best things in life are both hilarious and disturbing!

    Jenny - It's the truth. Food is delicious. I just adore it. :)

  18. Can I just say that the freakiest thing about this post is that you were looking for a picture of a man in a baby suit and found that photo??? The internet is just a weird weird place.

  19. Jenners - I agree completely! Once I saw it I just had to put it up. I couldn't get that disturbing costume out of my mind.

  20. I've been meaning to comment on this post for so long. Do you ever do that? Look at the same post in your Google Reader a million times before commenting? Anyway, all I have is what a picture. Yuck!

  21. Trish - Absolutely. I have posts starred for months sometimes before actually commenting. :)


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