03 September 2010

Book Review: A Few Fables

Title: Fables 3: Storybook Love
Author: Bill Willingham
Publisher: Vertigo
Release Date: 1 May 2004
Date Finished: 1 September 2010

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The Short and Sweet of It
As with Legends in Exile and Animal Farm, Storybook Love recounts the adventures of fairy tale myths and legends living out their days in New York. Forced to leave their homelands after a powerful Adversary went all Dark Side on them, they have carved out their own space in our world. And just like with the first two, I loved it!

A Bit of a Ramble
Storybook Love, book 3, houses four separate stories that each add to the overall world; however, it is the third story that continues the main plot line told in the first two installments. In this section of Storybook Love, Bigby and Snow are ....

You know what? Summarizing the stories within this volume would be difficult. Willingham's Fables series defies simple paraphrase because he has created a complex world. Each story, text and images, reveals more about the characters and the world than can be easily translated. This complexity is one of the reasons I adore the series so much. For every story, I get multiple perspectives, back story is used to illustrate current events, action takes place simultaneously in multiple locations with variant characters, and so many details are working together to create the whole.

I would like to share with you one of the hottest images from the novel.

This tiny little pig tailed blond in the pink undies, sporting a giant freaking axe just really impressed me. She looks so amazingly badassed. Badass women abound in this series: sexually confident, intelligent, ruthless, these women have their issues but are strong enough to go after what they want and to change when they should.

If you haven't started this series, you really really should! And now I'm off to volume 5!

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  1. Never heard of this one but it sounds interesting. That blonde does look like a badass!

  2. The artwork in this book looks amazing! I am going to have to try this!

  3. Stephanie - The Fables series is wonderful if you are looking for a graphic novel series to read!

    Zibilee - Fables is awesome, and I definitely recommend them!

  4. Trisha this is such a great series. If I remember correctly I won the first book from you and loved it. I will be pickign up the rest of the books. So thank you for introducing it too me.

  5. Cindy - I'm so glad you liked it. I just think it is such a wonderful series of books, and I'm so glad Ana from things mean a lot introduced me to the series!

  6. Oh awesome, I do wanna read more of these. I read 1001 night and just finished the novel peter and max :)

    hi btw :)

  7. Blodeuedd - You should join the challenge! And Hi! right back atcha!

  8. I've read way too many good reviews of this series to keep passing it over on the library shelf, I think it's time!

  9. I never did finish reading the second one... need to get back to that!

  10. I need to finish buying the books in this series. After I wrote my MA thesis, I burned out and stopped reading them, but now I'm really starting to miss the characters.

  11. glad your reading the series i love fables have a few more trades to read to be caught up I really enjoyed Cinderella from fabeltown with love


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