28 October 2011

Baby Names and Shopping

A quick vlog about where I'm at with baby, pretty much  names and shopping.

So there you have it. Let me know which names you like best - yet again - and any advice you have for registering for baby!


  1. I love Callie. :)

    So. Things they say you need: newborn-size diapers. Maybe this is different if you have a really tiny baby, but with mid-sized babies, they only fit into newborn sized diapers for like a week. With Morrigan, who was 7 lbs 14 oz, we had all these packages of newborn diapers and had so many leftover. So get some, but don't assume they'll be in that size for a month or more. Better to get size 1s.

    We also never went in for some of the high tech gadgety stuff like baby monitors or bottle warmers, or super fancy bottles. We were pretty low-maintenance kind of parents, haha! :D

  2. Loved seeing the picture of your little girl! I vote you give her ALL the names. She could be like the English princes.

    As for what you need to shop for, why books of course!

  3. I like but am amazed that you share baby names! I would be so very private on that only because people get SO opinionated. On that note, I like Skyler. Then you have to figure out the best spelling... Schyler? I don't even know. and the reason? I don't KNOW anyone with this name. :D

    Name her whatever you want or think fits and know that she will own it. She will have a strong mother as a fabulous example.

    OR... here's the girl name I always say I would have claimed: Veronica Elle. I think it would have been a real hoot to have someone ask what's your middle name and you say "Elle" and they say, no, not initial, what's the L stand for? and you say, no my middle initial is E. (ps My husband has a huge crush on Elle McPherson...)

    I'll shut up now.

  4. OH, and congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *\o/*

  5. Oh fun! That's a great ultrasound picture. They usually look a little funky. I like the names, Abigail, Madison, and Skyler but they're all cute. Good luck.

  6. I was having problems with the volume on my computer, so I couldn't hear you speaking, but I loved the picture of the ultrasound, and just by looking at the other's comments, I like the name Skyler too. Sorry about the technical difficulties!

  7. Congrats on a baby girl!! Evelyn has always been one of my favorite names, so that one definitely has my vote!!!

  8. For some reason when you said Abigail I was like YES, THAT IS THE ONE. So that's my vote there. I am excited for you.

  9. LOVE the names, but Callie and Madeline are my favorite from the bunch. I'm biased because I have a Madeline of my own. :)

    Glad things are going well. I don't have a baby (my Maddie is my Yorkie), so I'm not much help on that end, but when I've helped friends out, the Boppie was a must. Your arms gets super tired holding the baby, and that Boppie is really good support.

  10. Nice to actually see you! Love the ultrasound pic. About names ... to quote Pulp Fiction, "Man, I don't even have an opinion!" :-) Sarah (who was listening) votes for Abigail or Skyler.

    Not sure about shopping advice. The things I found most useful after birthing each of my young 'uns:

    Some nursing bras (in case you'll be breastfeeding). I ended up nursing in public a lot, and I'm not smooth, like that chick in Flashdance, about whipping off a bra. :-P

    A small crib to put right beside the bed. We were nervous about co-sleeping at first, but trekking down the hall to retrieve a baby who wants to be nursed in the wee hours -- well, that gets old fast!

    A Snuggli or something similar to carry the baby, hands-free.

    Way more diapers and baby wipes than we ever thought we'd need.

    My advice would be to err on the conservative side, since people will be giving you last minute gifts and hand-me downs. Especially with a girl! People love going out and buying adorable girlie outfits to give as gifts. My first daughter had more dresses than she ever got a chance to wear. :-P

  11. I also vote for Evelyn! There are lots of Madisons and Abigails in my son's 2nd grade class. Don't know if that matters to you. Have you checked the Social Security baby name site to see how popular each of your choices is over the past few years?

    Anyway, must haves are (as mentioned above) a Boppy, a dozen or more onesies (so that you can throw them out when they get really disgusting instead of throwing a load of poo into the washer) and a pacifier -- just in case she wants one from the start. Many other things seem necessary like bottles but it turned out that my son couldn't figure out a bottle (he would almost drown himself in formula!) and so I wish I had just bought one to try first. There are so many different kinds too. You never know what the baby will like and so you don't want to get stuck with a bunch of the wrong kind.

    Finally, smell the diapers before you buy them. My sister loved the baby powderish smell of Pampers but I think it's kind of sickening. Since you have to smell them all of the time, make sure it's a good fit for your nose! That's never in any parenting book. :)

  12. Babies! I, myself, am due in 4 weeks with my 3rd in 3 years. Yikes, i know. What you most definitely need at first. Swaddling blankets, burp cloths, onsies, diapers, wipes, nursing pads, and bras. Thats about it. I loved having a swing too. Other than that you will find what you might want/need once you bring her home. Mothers intuition is always best.
    As far as names, what about Addelyn. Cross between madeline and addison? Sometimes you need to meet baby before you know if a name fits or not.

  13. Great blog! I like Callie and Maya. I like Skylar too but I know a boy with that name so you'd have to be comfortable with the name being used for both!

  14. Baby looks great!!! Not a mom so no idea what you need exactly, but my mom friends always say onesies, diaper genie, wipes, diapers, and formula. For names I like Callie, Abbey, and Madeline. How about Chloe? I'm hooked on that one for some reason. You could always go with a list and once you see the baby, maybe you'll know. You look great and no worries on the commenting thing. I so don't care. Life is always more important :)

  15. Congrats! Very exciting. Seeing that sonogram brought back so many memories! What a wonderful journey you're on...And the name? Stay open. She might yet "tell" you in one way or another (dream, a knowing) which she prefers (!).

  16. Congratulations. Difficult to choose a single one but go with what you love!

  17. Congrats Trisha, thanks for sharing the ultrasound photo! That's so exciting. I like the name Abigail, but they were all pretty cute. I like names that come with an easy nickname too.

  18. Love the picture!

    I love thinking about baby names. My husband and I talk about it all the time even though we aren't even close to having kiddos. I really love the names you chose, but my favorites would be Maya and Callie. :)

    And since I am not a momma yet, I can't help you too much with the supply issue!

  19. Yay!!! Love seeing you vlog, and I love hearing about your baby adventures. I'm partial to the name Abigail -- it's cute and elegant all at the same time. :)

    As for baby items (and I'm a little late on this), if you end up bottle feeding, I would highly suggest the Nuk brand from Wal-Mart (may be at Target, too). We had really good luck with those -- very little colic or other gas issues.

    I would also recommend a boppy pillow and a bumbo seat or a bebe pod (another brand). The boppy was essential for me when we had feedings, and just sitting around holding Greyson. The bumbo/bebe pod was great when he got a little older, I wanted to keep him stationed in one spot, and he could hold his head up. :)

  20. Haley was on our short list too, but I love Callie more (hubby didn't).
    Looking good :)

  21. I like Abigail and Evelyn. I'm big on the shortened nicknames that can go with a name--so I love Evie and would pick Evelyn solely for that reason. But what do I know? I call Elle (whose name is really Elizabeth) Chickpea Banana. :)

    What you need. Part of this depends on how your house is set up and where your room is, where the baby's room is, where you will keep the baby, etc.

    Things I loved in the beginning (I've thought about doing a post for this but haven't ever gotten around to it). Boppy Pillow. Diaper Caddy and Change Pad (because we kept L downstairs for the first 8 weeks and I nursed her in the family room in the middle of the night so I toted diapers/wipes, etc around. Lots of onesies. Those girl outfits are so so so cute but you'll be changing diapers every time you feed her, so every 2-3 hours. Not joking. I didn't use burp cloths, bibs, etc, until I started using the bottle. I loved the Moby wrap but it was easier once Elle was a little bigger. Oh and Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE those things. They're big and meshy and stretchy and can double as nursing cover, carrier cover. Not thick so don't count on them for that. Elle wore newborn diapers for about 4 weeks (as well as newborn clothing), but I've heard some babies go directly into 0-3. I recommend not buying a ton of newborn clothes or diapers.

    Really, you don't NEED much else. And you can always pop to the store when you do need something. Please feel free to email me or tweet me any time--I'd love talking baby stuff!


    Take EVERYTHING you can from the hospital. Diapers (seriously, all the diapers you can get), nose sucker (it's the best one I have), pads for you, I don't remember what else, but everything. You'll also need nursing pads. I really liked the Johnson and Johnson ones but they're thinner. I'd recommend nursing bras that don't have underwire. Lanolin didn't really help for me--the best tip that I received is to rub breast milk over the youknowwhat when you're finished. Naturally heals. Heating pad. Donut (took from hospital). Bags of frozen peas for swollen tatas when your milk comes in.

    Oh my gosh. Don't want to overload you... ;)

  22. Congrats! I love Abigail and Evelyn. From personal experience, you can never have too many burp cloths or wash cloths!


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