30 October 2011

Book Review: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Title: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Author: Ransom Riggs
Publisher/Year: Quirk Books / 2011
Date Finished: 10 October 2011
Source/Format: Review Copy / Print
Book #: 80

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The Short and Sweet of It
Jacob grew up on his grandfather's stories of an orphanage where the children had special abilities. He even had pictures to prove it: levitating girls, invisible boys, and other peculiar children featured in his stories and his pictures. Then there were the stories of evil monsters with visages of horror. Eventually Jacob came to disbelieve these tall tales. A dramatic event shifts Jacob's beliefs, and he is faced with a life altering decision.

A Bit of a Ramble
I have no clue why I am not in love with this book. Seriously. It seems right up my alley: time loops, people with strange powers, history, and gorgeously intriguing, vintage pictures. But for some reason, I ended up liking, but not loving, the book. And I wish I could give you a specific reason. I actually considered not writing up a review because I figured it would be relatively pointless, but I did want to get my ideas out there (as disjointed, vague, and probably useless as they are) because I still think it's a worthy read.

I finished the book in two sittings, so the pacing did keep me turning the page. But. Damn the but. But I found myself willing to do a bit of skimming, something I very rarely do. I am one of those strange readers who focuses on every single word. I do not skim. But from time to time, I found myself wishing thing would just progress a bit further. Maybe I was in the mood for a faster pace and should have held off on reading this. Maybe it's something about reading this right after finishing two John Green books.

The occasional desire to skim aside, I am glad I finished the book, and I will more than likely read the next book in the series.

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  1. I felt the same way, except I have no desire to read the sequel.

  2. Greetings from a first time visitor and commenter! (I discovered your blog through the delightful and prolific Amy of Amy Reads.)
    I know this feeling well - wondering why a book, with all the elements that usually captivate you, just doesn't seem to do it for you at a specific point in time. I do think that timing can be an issue, as you mentioned, as well as the fact that some reads just seem to lack the unifying spark that binds all the goodness together. This title does seem like something I'd love, so I will be adding it to my TBR. Thanks for the lovely and thorough review!

  3. I really really liked this book. So many cool things going on that I didn't expect. It is a little on the juvenile end of the spectrum, so I can understand that some people might not be in the mood. It did strike me in the right mood though, so when I eventually review this, you'll have to deal with some gushing.

  4. I think most reviews I have read concur with you about it. And I hate that cover!

  5. I'm irritated to find out this is the set up for another sequel/series. I will still read - or attempt to read - it when it comes for me from the library, but I've already adjusted my expectations to not really get much out of it. I doubt, at this point, I'll even end up finishing it.

  6. This is my bookclub's January book. I am really excited to get to it. I don't know how I feel though, learning that it is part of a series.


  7. So surprised that you didn't like this one! Oh well ... happens to the best of us. I loved this, and it will probably wind up as one of my best of the year. Such is the fun of book blogging, this finding of different perspectives!

  8. This is a book that I was initially excited about, but the more I discovered about it, the less I wanted to read it. It just sounds too weird, and not in a way that I would like (I usually really gravitate towards weird reads). I have read a lot of tepid reviews on this one as well, and it just really drives home the point that this one is probably not for me. I appreciated your candid thoughts.Happy Halloween!

  9. Don't you hate it when you don't have a very positive reaction to a book but you can't figure out why? It's so frustrating!

  10. Yah, I've mostly only heard great things about this one. I think I'll have to read it at some point, because I'm very curious about the story and how all the pictures connect with it.

  11. Yeah, I've kinda been holding off on this one because I'm afraid this very thing will happen to me, too. Hmmm.

  12. I am definitely in the like, not love category on this book. For me it was the pictures, I loved them, they were so creepy. Then the story got to the point where it was being built around the pictures instead of being enhanced by them. I felt like characters and plot points were being added just so he could put one more photo in and that irked me. I'll likely read the next one too, but I can't say I loved it.

  13. Interesting to see your review as most people seemed to love it. As I'm rather meh about the premise and etc, I'll go with your accept decision and not feel like I'm missing anything ;)

  14. Since the book was sent to me by a friend and I'm intrigued by all the creepy photos, I'm still looking forward to giving it a try, but I really appreciate your thoughts!

  15. I feel almost exactly the way you described thi! I was interested enough to keep reading and turning pages, but overall I just thought it was 'eh'.

  16. What do you think?

    Sometimes, when I'm too tired from, say, solid two weeks of running my life hard: I just can't get into a book.

    Or, do you truly think it was the book?

    I have missed being here, and talking about things like this.

    Can't believe I lost you.

    Good to find you again.

  17. Sorry this one wasn't your thing. But at least you finished it.

  18. "next in the series" is what is turning me away from this one. I'm terrible at starting the first book and never continuing (wish those damn Hunger Games books would stop staring me down!).

    But, glad you liked it well enough to continue with the next! I've heard the pictures are what really make this book.


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