21 March 2012

Book Review: Ready Player One

Title: Ready Player One
Author: Ernest Cline
Publisher/Year: Crown / 2011
Source/Format: Crown / Print
Date Finished: 22 January 2011
Book # 4

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The Short and Sweet of It
James Halliday, the eccentric, 80s obsessed, creator of OASIS, a virtual reality used the world over, left his entire fortune to the person who can win the devilishly clever game he created within OASIS. Years later, Wade Watts discovers the first clue. And the games begin.

A Bit of a Ramble
First and foremost, may I just say how much reading this made me miss World of Warcraft. I stopped playing some time ago when I could no longer justify the monthly fee based on my availability to play (freaking work and sleep and family and the such not). I still hope to some day resurrect my character and start playing again. *sigh*

The world Cline has created is relatively miserable. Poverty is rampant with people going hungry and living in trailer parks where the trailers are stacked on top of each other. But who cares about all that when most of the people live their lives in OASIS, a virtual reality of infinite possibility. Oh, World of Warcraft, how I miss you....

But to the story... Fantastic. Seriously. I devoured this book, all 372 pages of it, in two sittings. I was totally engrossed beginning to end, and honestly I am a bit sad that it's over. This will definitely go down as one of my favorite reads of the year. Fast-paced action, intriguing characters, unique plot line, and then there's the awesomeness of continual 80s references. I was born in 1980, so while I can't make the claim to have truly LIVED the 80s, I was certainly alive and cultured by the 80s. Geek. Nerdgasm. Non-stop action. Technology. Nostalgia. I'm so freaking geeked by this book I can't even articulate properly. Okay, pause, breathe.

I could sit here and tell you more about the exhilarating plot or the unique characters or the complex setting, but instead I'll let you experience it all on your own. Now go read. Or maybe you should listen. I hear the audio version is fantabulous which makes sense as it is narrated by Wil Wheaton. And that choice makes perfect sense as who better represents 80s geek culture?!?!

Received from Crown for the ILA Short List
Won the 2011 ILAs for Speculative Fiction


  1. I'm excited that we can now review this :D As you already know, I really enjoyed it too. Must get around to writing my post.

  2. This was indeed an incredible book, and I will vouch for the audio version, as Wheaton did an amazing job with it. My husband and I listened together, and the kids read the print version. This book ensnared my whole family, and I agree that it was one of the vest reads of last year for me. Fabulous review today. Your enthusiasm for the book really shines through!

  3. I hated the 80s. Really and truly. I can't think of anything about the 80s that I like. So I've completely avoided this book...

  4. Been hearing lots of good things about this one!

  5. This is definitely on my list. I was born in '91, but the 80s are near and dear to my heart as a pop cultural space due to I Love the 80s (which I've actually been re-watching!). And while I always lose steam in MMORPGS, I still do love 'em. Hmm… perhaps I should make this more of a priority!

  6. I went to a library function and one of the librarians was raving about this one. I have it on my TBR list. Looks like I should get to it sooner, huh?

  7. Wasn't this a good one? It is hard to put down once you start it.

  8. Yes yes yes, fabulous listening. I was really skeptical of this one because I know very little about gaming but goodness gracious was it a fun ride!

  9. I'm still kicking myself for not listening to it.

  10. At first I didn't give this one a second glance but every blogger seems to love it so now I am dying to pick it up!


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