04 May 2012

Book Review: Boneshaker

Title: Boneshaker
Author: Cherie Priest
Source/Format: Bought / nookbook
Date Finished:  17 April 2012
Book # 24

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The Short and Sweet of It
Leviticus Blue built a machine to expedite drilling for gold in Alaska, but he jumped the gun and used the "Boneshaker" to poke around in subterranean Seattle. His little underground adventure collapses a few banks and releases a pocket of gas which introduces a new plague. The blight gas kills those who breathe it; some of the dead become rotters (aka zombies). To combat the blight, a wall is built around Seattle and almost everyone is evacuated to the surrounding areas which quickly degenerate into dangerous slums. And all that happens before the book begins.

The story itself is of Blue's wife, Briar, and his son, Zeke. Zeke, always curious about his absent father and intent on proving his innocence, heads into the walled off city looking for evidence. Briar follows him in. And their adventures begin.

A Bit of a Ramble
I was just not into this story. It took me forever to get through, and I have no desire to pick up the next book in the series. Please lord tell me I didn't buy all three on the nook at once. Eh, I don't even want to check.

Despite the fact that I know I didn't like the story much, I am having a great deal of difficulty explaining exactly why I didn't like it. For the most part, I think, I was just bored. And how in hell could I be bored with a book that's all steampunk and zombies? And there are AIR PIRATES people. I love me some good air pirates. Not to mention the fact that everyone else loves it. And now you are expecting some insight into why I didn't like it. But nope. Nothing. I have no idea why I didn't enjoy this one. I could fall back on the "lack of depth" comment.The various settings and histories don't really converge into one cohesive world for me, too many disparate stories and characters present themselves without any real internal logic or depth. Maybe that's why I didn't like it?

I didn't give this book an Avoid rating though, in part because while I wasn't too impressed, I didn't actually put the book down. I still wanted to finish even though continuing to read was a bit painful for me.

Question: Did anyone else find this boring?

It sort of counts towards my Goal #2: Manage My Series (except that I bought it, adding to my already ridiculous quantity of series to read). But I don't know that I'll continue with this one.


  1. I keep getting this book mixed up with Shipbreaker, which is really stupid on my part.

    It is a mystery as to why you didn't enjoy it but it happens. It seemed like a perfect match for you.

    Oh, and by the way, TAG! http://www.lifewithbooks.com/2012/05/you-thought-i-dropped-the-ball-but-i-didnt-tag-chicken-is-back/

  2. With a summary like that, I was sure this one was going to be a hit with you, but it sounds like the elements just weren't blended well. I would have to say that based on your review, I probably won't be reading this one. I do love me some zombies though! Thanks for being so candid. I appreciated reading your honest analysis.

  3. Oh, Jenners, I do the same thing! I am not sure why, because the book premise sounds great to me, but this just does NOT appeal to me. I admit it's probably because of a) the title and b) the cover (just NOT a fan of those goggles!). Glad to know that I now have a slightly more reasonable justification for not reading it :-)

    1. And really the title - Boneshaker - does not have that much to do with the story. I mean, it's not like anyone takes a ride in the Boneshaker or anything. Kind of drove me nuts. :)

  4. Too bad about Boneshaker. I remember reading this one a few years ago. I thought some parts were confusing but I loved the imagery of the zombies moving around.

  5. Thank goodness someone else found this book boring. It took me months to read which is unheard of when zombies are involved. I felt like nothing. ever. happened.

    1. Thank you! I felt like I was the only one too.

  6. LOL! I always do that. Buy a book and it's sequels before I've read the first one to even know if I'll like it. And then you feel obligated to read them, even though you hated the first one...so irritating. I'm sorry this one didn't do it for you.

  7. I know what you mean. I often see this one in the store, pick it up and check it out. But I've yet to actually try reading it. I can't say why, but I think it's the same reason you have for not really liking it.

  8. I read the first 15 or so pages of this and then wandered off. I'm totally puzzled by its popularity.

  9. Bummer that you didn't enjoy this one. I hate when that happens but it is what it is :) I actually really enjoyed it when I read it but I've never continue on with the series. I have one of the other books sitting on my shelf...patiently waiting to be read :/


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