18 July 2012

Book Review: A Clash of Kings

Title: A Clash of Kings
Author: George R.R. Martin
Publisher/Year: Bantam / 2011
Source/Format: Gift / Print
Date Finished: 16 July 2012
Book # 34

Series Reviews: A Game of Thrones,

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The Short and Sweet of It
In the sequel to A Game of Thrones, four have named themselves Kings within the realm of the Seven Kingdoms, one has named herself Queen, and war rages as each looks to conquer and avenge.

A Bit of a Ramble
This series gives me wonderful little shivers throughout my body. I adore it. The plotting and scheming, the political intrigue, the complex and varied characters, the absolutely real, absolutely engrossing world Martin has created. I seriously am in love. But I am hopelessly incapable of writing a review that does this book justice. It is simply too complex, and I am too besotted.

While reading, I find myself so within the world that I my emotions are a jumbled mess. I am anxious, frustrated, disheartened, overjoyed, teary eyed, and tense. My heart stops as battles begin, as deceptions come to light. At 1009 pages, A Clash of Kings should be a slow roll, a consistent build up, but instead I found it a constant high as the book jumps from one narrator to the next, each engaged in such unique and utterly different activities. The characters and the lives they are leading are so distinct and yet so tied together that putting the book down is quite difficult.

I can still remember starting the first book and being so overwhelmed by characters and subplots that I had to draw up family trees and take notes. Now I am so much a part of this world that the characters feel real, the history of the world is my own and I know these people. I still miss something from time to time, a connection between characters, a piece of the past I can't remember, but even with the vast amount of names I am feeling pretty comfortable.

If I had one complaint, and I always do, don't I?, it would be that the amount of time it takes to consume each of these novels is a bit problematic. If only the baby nut would sleep...and a magical fairy would come and do all the housework....

I think I have to give myself some time before picking up the third book, but you can be sure I will keep reading this awesome, awesome series.


  1. I made up a family tree to while listening to Game of Thrones. I am half way through listening to Clash of Kings. It is a commitment for sure!

  2. This is the book that my husband is in the middle of, and he is dying to get me to read them so we can discuss. I would love to start, but it's such a time commitment! I don't know what I would post if I were to read these! I am loving that everyone, including you is loving these books though!

  3. I love this series as well; while I still loved this one, it was eclipsed by the uber-fan love I had for the first in the series. I am planning to read the 3rd book soon, likely to be around the fall, or even early next year before HBO picks back up to the next season. It does take a while to read, though. Ah, well! George R.R. Martin is the man!

  4. You're a full book ahead of me. I need to read this one pretty soon, because I'm about to forget the first book!

  5. Everyone seems to LOVE this series, and I keep resisting because I know once I start I'll never be able to stop. You're not really helping any . . . ;)


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