03 December 2012

Madison Monthly: Turning 10 Months

The Basics
This post is a bit late...bad mommy. The main thing you need to know about this month is that Madison rocked out her Uncle Dustin's halloween wig.....

Eating and Sleeping
Lots of new food for Madison this month. At the beginning of the month, she was eating her fruit out of the strange net thing pictured to the right. She quickly lost interest in that though and decided eating out of your hand was the better option. She is particularly fond of yogurt bites and it took me the entire month to get her to pick them up and put them in her mouth herself. The cutest part of this process was when I started putting them in the palm of my hand and holding them out to her - in the expectation she would use her fingers to pick them up. Not a chance. She merely leaned over and licked those suckers right off my hand. After yogurt bites, "adult food" is her favorite. She enjoys cooked carrots quite a bit - especially if made with a pot roast. Other foods I can remember: meatballs, potatoes (mashed and baked), wheat bread, scrambled eggs, eggs over easy, banana, pluot, wheat toast with jelly, whole wheat club crackers, pasta noodles in a mild broth, and uh...yeah, that's all I can think of right now. Getting her to eat her own food is near impossible these days.

Sleeping is still sucktastic. Some nights she only wakes up twice; other nights it's more like five or six times. She does, however, adore tubby time which happens most nights before bed. We still bathe her in the sink since our only bath is a jacuzzi-type tub which no one older than 16 can bend over to give a tubby without breaking his or her back. I am not 16. I am 32. Old. Infirm.

Behavior and Development
She can walk by herself now - if a bit wobbly. She still prefers to hold a hand though and she will walk across a room alone in order to con someone into taking her hand. Silly baby. I feel like a moron walking behind her, half hunched, arms well positioned to catch her if she falls. But I'm badass because I am awesome at catching her. :)

Talking is not coming along at all. She primarily hums and moans, mouth closed, and simply smiles at us while we try to get her to talk. Months ago she said mama and dada or rather mamamamama and dadadadada with no recognition of what she was saying, but still the sounds came out. Now, not so much.

Social Stuff
Halloween was quite the event. Madison was too cute in her spider costume, and she really got a kick out of seeing all the people in their costumes. We spent the holiday at my grandmother's with family, and we ended up getting 412 trick or treaters.

She absolutely loves new people, will actively seek out new arms to hold her, and has a smile for everyone she sees. Grocery shopping is one of her favorite activities, and not to like brag about my seriously cute baby or anything, but we never go anywhere without at least two people talking about how freaking adorable she is.

This month we went to my cousin Hannah's baby shower in Iowa, and Madison was awesome. She slept for most of the time in the car both going and returning. The time she wasn't sleeping, she was just fine playing with whoever was in the backseat with her. The hotel didn't faze her, the new people didn't faze her, the very late bedtime didn't faze her (in other words, she still woke up quite a few times during the night). Here she is in the middle of the action at the shower:

Mommy Notes
Every now and then I feel a bit guilty. While I only have to go on campus Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, my job is more like seven days a week, so Madison spends a few hours at grandma's or great-grandma's on Mondays and Fridays as well. And it's not strange for her to spend some time there on a weekend either, especially now towards the end of the semester. It's strange feeling like other people are raising your kid; I'm happy it's family, but still. At the same time, I would never want to quit my job. I love my job, I love working.

The Pictures
I know there are more pictures, but uh, I'm not sure where they are right now (umm..so really they are like still on my camera and my phone and I was too lazy to get them on the computer). I'll add the pics in later....maybe....


  1. She's still a cutie :) I hope the guilt about working continues to subside. It's good that you can keep your job and be with Madison as much as you can. And I'm sure she loves spending time with your family, and vice versa :)

  2. What a difference with and without the wig! LOL

    I also think it's great to keep working part-time. It's not full-time, and it gives both of you a chance to (learn how to or just to enjoy to) be with others! :--)

    1. Actually it is full time. I am a full time college professor. :) We just have weird hours and are very self-directed.

  3. That hair is amazing on her! I can see her as a teenager just begging for a do like that one!! She is getting bigger every time I see her, and that smile is still one of the most adorable that I have seen in a long time. I am sending some serious sleeping prayers your way. It sounds like you might need them ;)

  4. She gets lovelier every month, Trisha!

    And I bet most if not all working mothers feel the same as you. I won't pretend to understand, but maybe there's some comfort in knowing you're not alone.

  5. The wig is picture enough! And I think that Scott might argue with you that puffs and yogurt bites are adult food. I think he ate more of them than Elle ever did.

    And the guilt. Most days I'm able to ignore the guilt because I need adult time in order to remain sane (and time away from the house) and Elle loves her school and her friends. After being at home for Thanksgiving break and then another day for sick she literally clapped when Scott dropped her off at school. I don't feel like they are raising her, though--you will always be Madison's mom and there are things that only you can do for her. That's important stuff. Don't let the guilt get to you. (though all of this doesn't keep me from sort of begrudging those who do stay at home).

    I hope the sleep gets better soon. :( That's no fun for anyone!

  6. By this age, my kids weren't eating baby food at all. Then again, they started eating solids around 4.5 months - they were HUNGRY boys!! - so I guess it makes sense that by 10 months, they wanted real food all the time. :D Walking that early though - yikes! I'm really glad none of my kids walked before 11 months! I do have to admit I'm jealous that she sleeps in the car. You wouldn't believe how loudly each of my kids screamed every time we put them in a carseat for their first year (or, in Ambrose's case, for the first 18 months...).

  7. She's thriving and doing wonderfully … and I don't want to hear another word about you feeling mommy guilt. A well-balanced happy mommy who works at a job she loves is just as important (if not even more so) than a mommy who is at home all the time and miserable. She's doing great so don't give it a second thought. Love the wig!!!

  8. I had to Google what pluot was lol. I'm not a plum person, which explains my lack of knowledge I suppose (at least I'm going with that.) I love that she would just bend over and lick food out of your hand- that's hilarious.

    Don't feel guilty about working. Like Jenners said, a well-balanced mom is a happy mom and a happy mom is better for their child. You are with her when you can be and that is what is important- that you want to be there and are when you can be.

  9. Adorable! And despite making her parents sleep deprived, she seems to be one happy and outgoing baby. That's awesome.
    I'm sure the guilt is hard to deal with, but you are a person too. You didn't stop being you because you had a baby.

    Madison is loving life and I think it's good for the two of you to have time apart. You appreciate your time together more, and you spend time with her from a different perspective. If that makes any sense. You can depend on family to watch her, and then there are the weeks off between semesters. You both look and sound all good to me :)


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