13 March 2013

Book Review: Tales from Lovecraft Middle School

The first in the Tales From Lovecraft Middle School series, Professor Gargoyle quickly introduces readers to Lovecraft, a newly constructed middle school which houses some secrets. The protagonist, a book-loving 11 year old named Robert, has been isolated from his friends by redistricting, and sent to a new school where the only person he knows is the bully from his old school. Oh the joys of youth. He doesn't even get one day in Lovecraft before the strange is slapping him in the face, and to his credit, he takes the strange in stride. The Slither Sisters is the second book in the series, continuing Robert's adventures as he gathers allies and meets new enemies in his fight against a sinister master of an alternate universe.

Many times, when I read middle grade fiction, I feel the lack of depth deep in my bones. The stories feel like outlines rather than fleshed out novels. Things move too fast with too little explanation and characters feel flat. That was not the case with these stories. Events move quickly but without seeming forced or overly coincidental. The characters are not truly developed, but we get a good taste with more to come in following books. I think what I'm getting at here is that this series will read, when complete, like one adult novel, with each installment as a chapter. And I think if you read the series that way as an adult you will enjoy it more. Hopefully that makes sense. This is what happens when I try writing reviews late at night. Decent ideas, bad articulation.

On a side note, how much do I love the lenticular covers for this series! I won't lie; I spent quite a bit of time turning the covers this way and that, enjoying the shift from horned dude to professor dude and ginger twins to medusa twins.

What it comes down to is this: I can't wait for Madison to be old enough to read these with me. Absolutely perfect for a quick late night read.


  1. OMG how much fun! I would read these.

  2. I love this idea, and the dual covers make for an excellent visual about what the book actually has between the covers. I would love to read these at some point! And I know just what you mean about middle grade fiction, that's part of the reason I stay away from it!

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  4. Love the covers!! Even if I did have to google lenticular to find out what it meant. ;-)


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