09 March 2014

What I'm Reading Now

My reading is so all over the place right now, I can barely remember which books I have started. For some reason, the stories I am picking up are not grabbing me, hanging on, and forcing me to finish the ride. Instead I am reading small chunks of them and then getting ADDed by something else. Right now I have the following books going:

Cinderella Ate My Daughter
Why I'm reading it: Because everyone with a daughter should worry about the negative effects of princess stories
Why I'm not lost in it: I am way less concerned than the author and so far, not much new thought

Fardorougha the Miser
Why I'm reading it: Because The Classics Club told me to read book 20 on my list
Why I'm not lost in it: Oh my god the print is so small and the book is so long

No Easy Way Out
Why I'm reading it: Because I just finished the first book in this series
Why I'm not lost in it: Not really sure to tell you the truth

Reading Like a Writer
Why I'm reading it: Because you can never read too many books about literature
Why I'm not lost in it: I feel like I'm in school when I read it

Alice in Zombieland
Why I'm reading it: I need a new YA series to immerse myself in
Why I'm not lost in it: I - quite mistakenly - thought it would be closer to Alice in Wonderland than it is

I'm a one-book-at-a-time kind of girl so having five books going is causing some serious brain pain. I think if I can find an hour to really dig into Fardorougha, I will love it, and then I can check one book off my Classics Club list and be down to just four currently readings.

Coming This Week: This week I have reviews posting for John Green's The Fault in Our Stars and Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why. Spoiler - I loved them both.


  1. I've been there before :\ The difficult thing is that when that happens I often can't tell if it's the books or me. Anyway, I hope you find something that grabs you soon! Oh, and looking forward to your thoughts on TFioS!

  2. I too try to read one book at a time. The moment I go from one book half read to another, some sort of confusion in my mind happens!

  3. I was disappointed too in the Cinderella book. much better ones out there on the same topic, although many of them are more "academic" sounding.

  4. I feel your pain with the multiple book thing. I'm not sure how people do it. I've tried reading multiple books. It gets tiring.

  5. I'm looking forward to your reviews of The Fault in Our Stars and Thirteen Reasons Why - they were both fantastic reads for me, too.

  6. LOVED TFIOS, and I cannot wait for the movie. I sure hope they don't let me down! And I've said this on several blogs about the Cinderella book. My daughter owned every Disney movie and every Disney princess gown when she was little. But genetics will out, my friend, and being my kid pretty much took care of all that when she went to high school. She is athletic, she kicks ass and takes names. I have a strong suspicion your daughter will be the same. People worry about this shit way too much.

  7. I have Cinderella Ate My Daughter on my shelf, but haven't read it yet. I'll be curious what you think when you get to it!


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