27 November 2009

Unlock Worlds

Unlock Worlds is my year long (or maybe more) challenge to read and review books which have been challenged or banned from schools or libraries.  I've invited everyone else to join me on this quest to have a website where we can catalog these reviews for all to enjoy.

First a big thank you to the other bloggers participating currently!  I hope the rest of you join us in reading and reviewing these books in a show of solidarity for our freedom to read.

Gavin at Page247
Cara at Ooh...Books!
sharazad at Dangerous Pages
Mee at Books of Mee
Alyce at At Home with Books
Stacy at Stacy's Books
Melissa at Betty and Boo Chronicles
Padfoot and Prongs at Good Books Inc.
Louise at Lou's Pages
Elizabeth at As usual, I Need More Bookshelves 

If you are interested in participating, head on over to the Unlock Worlds website.  It's almost time for the next giveaway - the number of entries you receive is equal to the number of review links you submit.


  1. I wish I had known about your interest earlier, because I already have a website for my Banned Books challenge:

    Any of you can post there (just give me your email so I can invite you to become contributors), and your posts can be posted on the Banned Books site and on your own blog.

    During Banned Books Week each fall we get hundreds of hits every day, from all over the world. Check it out, plus my book blog, if you are interested in who I am:

    I found you because I'm participating in the Women Unbound reading challenge.

  2. Shellie - You definitely should. It's pretty open ended, and you can post your links for books you have read in the past as well as anything new. Very low pressure!

    Bonnie - Great minds think alike! :) Good luck with Women UnBound. I'm really excited about that challenge.

  3. You told me about this forever ago and I keep forgetting to give you my reviews to banned books! I don't know what to do with my own self. But I am going to go over there right now and submit some reviews!

  4. Rebecca - Excellent! I'm glad you are joining us.


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