26 January 2011

Book Review: City of Glass

Title: City of Glass
Author: Cassandra Clare
Publisher/Year: Simon & Schuster / 2009
Date Finished: 25 January 2011
Source/Format: SwapTree/Print

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The Short and Sweet of It
The final installment in the Mortal Instruments series, City of Glass brings Clary, Jace, et. al. to Alicante, the governing city of the Shadowhunters in the final fight against Valentine. An exciting conclusion to the series, City of Glass did not disappoint.

A Bit of a Ramble
These are not small books, and yet I read the first in one sitting, the second in two, and the third in one. Clare really created a story that captured my interest. Both the world she created and the characters she chose to populate it fascinate me. Each character was distinct from the others, diverse, interesting, believable personalities. I want to be friends with these people - or maybe a cool aunt since I'm definitely too old to be their friend. :)

Plot spoilers abound for the next two paragraphs, so be warned. While I don't like to spoil a plot for anyone, the main issue percolating in my mind regarding the book requires some spoilage to discuss. The main love story in the novel is between Clary and Jace. In the second installment, the two find out they are brother and sister, which - obviously - causes some serious problems. The two can't turn off their feelings for each other based on this new information and mental anguish abounds. Ultimately, of course, they find out that they are not, in fact, related; readers should know this from the get-go, but it still causes a few ewwy feelings while reading.

While incest is certainly no laughing matter and has some serious icky-ness to it, I have to admit that I found it a very unique inclusion. Had my faith that the two were not related every wavered I probably wouldn't be so supportive of the strange relationship, but since I knew and they didn't, watching Jace and Clary struggle with their feelings was quite intriguing.

Back to spoiler free comments: You should really read this series, and soon since the movie version is coming out sometime in 2012, and that sort of geeks me out. I think the story lends itself well to the big screen as long as a production company is willing to shell out some cash to keep the cheese out of it. 


  1. Great review of a great book. [spoiler]I liked that while the Clary and Jace not really being related thing was obvious, there was still some surprise in how it all worked out.[/spoiler] I can't wait for the movie and the next book!

  2. My kids love these books and have read all three and the prequel. I have heard tell that there is going to be another in the series very soon, and they ask me about it almost daily. They really want me to read these and after reading your incredible reviews, I am going to have to make time for them soon! Glad to hear that you enjoyed these so much, they sound like great books!

  3. I've never read steampunk before and am very curious. Maybe I should start with this one. Glad you let us know they weren't related, though. The incest would have made me put the book down, yuck!

  4. Okay, so I can't read your review because of spoilers. But should I read the book?!!!

  5. I'm a little intimidated by steampunk, but my husband enjoys it, so I'll tell him about this series.

  6. Is this book considered steampunk?

    I truly enjoyed this trilogy. Amanda & I were discussing briefly a while ago in regards to the HP series. I guess because I'm not an overly huge HP fan the comparisons never bothered me. I truly loved the characters.

    Also, did you know that Clare is suppose to write three more books in this trilogy? I'm on the fence if I'll pick up the other three. (They are suppose to alternate between the Clockwork series).

    Finally, like you, I devoured them while reading them. :D

  7. Tasha - Same here!

    Heather - I hope you enjoy them!

    Wallace - Since the relationship starts before the "big reveal" it was a bit less awkward. :)

    Jill - Absolutely!

    Kathy and Christina - I'm not sure about the steampunk; it doesn't feel like steampunk to me, but I've heard others say it is. I actually meant to take that challenge off! Comparisons don't bother me much either! Wow, three more books? That's insane!

  8. It's said that the incest storyline is left over from Claire's Harry Potter days, when she occasionally wrote fanfic pairing Ron and Ginny together.

  9. Clare - Ewww. Ron and Ginny? Okay, that's just gross as they really are brother and sister.

  10. ok,i need a book review for the book "pride and predijest" (sorry for spelling) i need a specfic review for the book i could really use some help.thanks!

  11. Great review. I love this series, especially the dialogue. Mostly, I loved Magnus Bane's comebacks. Also, I'm really looking forward to the film. In my mind, Alex Pettyfer will be perfect as Jace. :)

  12. This trology is definitily on my to/read list. These days I see a lot of talk about `steampunk´, but apart from it being something to do with ya/fantasy, I'm not sure what exactly it means. Anyone care to enlighten me?


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