13 July 2012

Book Review: Graveminder

Title: Graveminder
Author: Melissa Marr
Publisher/Year: HarperCollins / 2011
Source/Format: B&N / Print
Date Finished: 8 June 2012
Book # 32

Series Reviews: This is the first in the series.

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The Short and Sweet of It
When Rebecca's grandmother dies, she returns to her hometown and finds herself inheriting an unusual job - that of the Graveminder, a woman responsible for keeping the souls of the dead from terrorizing the living. And as luck would have it, Bek's on-again, off-again boyfriend, Byron, is the Undertaker, the man who protects the Graveminder.

A Bit of a Ramble
I really don't have much to say about this one which is one of the reasons why it has taken me so long to write a review (the other reason being my attention-hungry, non-nap-taking child). While I enjoyed the premise, the walking dead, and the idea of the two worlds (that of the living and that of the dead), I think the story just needed more in the way of developing these two worlds. I feel like we've just scratched the surface, and instead of that being an anticipatory feeling, it's more of a blah feeling. There are too many unanswered questions and too many superficial answers. Then we have the don't ask, don't tell situation in the town. The townspeople know something is up, but they just aren't quite curious enough to figure it out. They are willingly turning a blind eye? Really?

I did, however, enjoy the two main characters, Rebecca and Byron, particularly Byron; although that does not in any way mean I have a literary crush on him. He's just not my type. But back to the issue at hand. He felt like an emotionally authentic character if that makes any sense. He has feelings, he expresses those feelings, he acts in accordance with those feelings. Good for him. Rebecca, on the other hand, is unnaturally emotionally stunted in my opinion. PLOT SPOILER She clearly loves Byron, but she won't commit apparently because he was her sister's boyfriend and she and he had a little kiss and then a short time later her sister killed herself. Okay, so I get that it's a weird situation with some guilt attached. But grow up. The sister didn't off herself because of the kiss, and we are talking teen romance here. I know of people who have married their best friend's spouse after the friend passed away. Life and love go on. END PLOT SPOILER

I will probably continue the series, in part because I am so interested in learning more about these worlds. And for the zombie-ish walking dead thingamabobbers.


  1. Hmm. I actually wasn't interested in this book until I read your review and EVEN THE PLOT SPOILER! Sometimes, spoilers can be helpful. Still, labeling them is good! :--)

    1. She wasn't interested until she read the word SERIES. :-D

  2. I'm with Jill. I can understand why you had problems with this book.

  3. I have it. Haven't read it. It's been moved down the pile because of iffy reviews.

  4. I read this book as well, and liked it, but didn't love it. The main character annoyed me with her reluctance to commit to a man who was obviously in love with. It was maddening the way she went back and forth with him, all the banter, and then...nothing. BUT..I did really like the world building and the other world she created. I loved how vividly it was constructed and the detail she put into it. I would have much rather stayed down there for a bit longer than deal with the indecisiveness. Spot on review today. I agree totally.

  5. I liked it when I read it, but remember very little about it. I had conflicted feelings about her fairy books, though, so I can totally relate. I remember being more frustrated by those than this one.

  6. Hmmm, well it sounded interesting but flat characters are no good. :(

  7. LOL! I love your opinion of Rebecca's character. I found her kind of annoying myself but I really enjoyed the book as a whole. I'll definitely be reading the 2nd book whenever it comes out :)

  8. I tried to read this once, got bored after a chapter or two, gave up...

  9. I've never read anything by Melissa Marr (for some reason, I am all for books about fallen angels, but I won't touch books about fairies), and I thought this one sounded like a good place to start. Guess I was wrong. The plot sounds fantastic, but paper-thin characters drive me crazy.


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