03 October 2012

Book Review: Summer's Crossing

Title: Summer's Crossing
Author: Julie Kagawa
Publisher/Year: Harlequin Teen / 2011
Source/Format: Free / nook
Date Finished: 21 Sept. 2012
Book # 45

Series Reviews: The Iron King, Winter's Passage, The Iron Daughter, The Iron Queen,

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The Short and Sweet of It
Told from Puck's point of view, Summer's Crossing recounts the adventures of Puck and Ash as they venture into the Summer kingdom to steal back Leanansidhe's "violin" which was taken from her by Queen Titiana.

A Bit of a Ramble
I think an entire book should be dedicated to Titiana. A fascinating character in A Midsummer Night's Dream, she primarily fills the bitter, adulterous, vindictive wife role in this series. More of her would be awesome.

Reading an installment from Puck's point of view was interesting; although it did feel a bit random after reading four stories from Meghan's perspective. Still, Puck is quite a unique character so hearing his thought process worked for me.

I found this novella much more interesting than Winter's Passage. I think I liked it more because it felt more outside the main story. WP merely got Ash and Meghan from the Iron to the Winter kingdom, something you already knew they had to do. SC, on the other hand, is a whole new story - something I find more appropriate for a novella shoved in the middle of a series. WP could have just been added on to one of the books, or honestly just forgotten entirely.


  1. I've completely missed out on this series. I'm still toying around with the idea of whether it is worth the investment...

  2. I need to read the rest of this series when I can, including the short stories, but it sort of baffles me that they didn't include these in the books, but made them separate stories.


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