03 January 2013

Madison Monthly: Turning 11 Months

The Basics

A Quick Report because 1) I am very late getting this up; 2) Not as much is changing month to month as it used to; and 3) I am tired. :)

Eating and Sleeping.
All of a sudden Madison figured out how to pick up food and eat it herself. Now she won't stop. I swear that girl would keep stuffing her face as long as you put food in front of her. She also had pizza for the first time; well, little bites ripped off my pieces. Like anyone with a brain, she loved it. We've also started giving her these little ready made meals - which are technically for 2+ to learn how to use forks and spoons. I like to keep them handy just in case I don't have a healthy meal ready to go.

Madison is doing a much better job sleeping through the night, so mommy and daddy are much happier. She still needs quite a bit of TLC to fall asleep, but she very very rarely wakes up in the middle of the night anymore. Thank the powers that be! 

Behavior and Development
Madison and mommy took a bath together for the first time this month - and in the big jacuzzi tub. We had tons of fun, but what a freaking hassle. She's slippery, the tub is slippery, the bathroom floor is slippery. Yeah, all around slippery. Getting out of the tub felt downright dangerous. I'm sure I'll figure something out though.

Social Stuff
Madison went to work with me for the first time. I had a Gay Straight Alliance meeting on a Friday, and since that was my only responsibility that day, I brought her along. She met everyone, insisted on being held by everyone, and loved every minute.

Madison's favorite people are the characters on Jack's Big Music Show. It is the only program she will actually watch, and the only time she will sit and relax on your lap. I love that show. Love it.

I still call her Nutter and Nutterlicious quite often, but I've also started calling her Goose for some unknown reason.

The Pictures
 You're goofy mom. Why do you keep trying to get a picture of us? You know I'm not going to cooperate...
 I see you peeking around the corner to take a picture Mom...
 Where's Jack?


  1. I love the face she's making in that first picture! What a stinker, haha! :D

  2. She is super cute, and I am glad that she is sleeping through the night now, even if it does require a little TLC to get that done. Also, you might want to investigate a "bath step", at least I think that's what it's called. You can find them on the home depot website, and basically it's like having stairs into and out of the tub. It may make things a bit more easy for you.

  3. I can't believe she's almost a year! So cute. Glad she likes pizza. ;-)

  4. Pizza! Obvs, she has highly refined taste!

  5. Sleeping through the night changes everything, doesn't it?! It sounds like she's doing great and she's definitely adorable. Enjoy your last month before 1! :)

  6. It must be nice to finally sleep through the night now that she's sleeping through the night. Can't believe she's almost one. I mean, wasn't she born, like, a month ago or something? ;-)

  7. She has gotten SO big! Where did the time go?

    Sleeping through the night is definitely a life-changing event for everyone. Enjoy every minute of it!

  8. Oh my ... she's discovered the joys of gorging herself on pizza! :-) Now you're both in trouble. Wait 'til she becomes a teenager.

    Seriously, she is adorable -- with a spark of mischief about her. I enjoy these updates.

  9. OMG -- Jack's Big Music Show!! I remember that … it was my son's favorite show and I loved it too. It got us into Laurie Berkner. Is she still on it??? Gosh … I'm feeling nostaglic for that.

    And I love your comment about pizza!! : )

    Glad to hear that sleeping is going better.

  10. love love love that first picture! And stuffing face with food? I totally miss that stage. Now I have to beg and plead for Elle to eat. I figure she'll let me know if she's starving, right? Gah.

    Baths. Fun! Totally totally agree with the slippery babies. Why are they SO MUCH MORE SLIPPERY???

    Yay for sleep. :)


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